Sourcing & Recruiting

Our business is based on providing professional guidance and solutions, which means we receive many questions from clients. Check out a few of our most common inquiries below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll find it for you. Every question is important to us, so don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Position Specification
We develop a Position Specification for each search that can generate feedback from your fellow executive team members involved in the search process, so we are communicating accurately to the market place. The Position Specification describes the general position, outlines the description of skills and personality traits considered ideal for the situation, and spells out other background and skill set requirements desired.
Our goal is to ensure we understand your  needs/wants as well as the "personality and culture" of the working environment, so that we select a candidate that can thrive, not simply survive.

Sourcing & Recruiting
Recruiting is both an art and a science.  No one can promise a perfect match, yet the best employment “marriages” start with our ability to identify and recruit the very best candidates and then determine which will fit and which will not fit your situation.  Often the best candidates are the most difficult to attract.  Because these preferred candidates are recognized for their superiority, often they are serving in desirable positions and, thus, are they are resistant to joining a new organization.  However, if your company is truly a good match for many of these preferred candidates, it is incumbent upon us to try a little harder to break down their resistance.

Manual & Computerized Research
We carefully identify all possible sources of potential candidates throughout the target industries as well as other industries where qualified candidates may have relocated using transferable skills.  We also identify sources, many of whom we already know from similar prior searches, who may be able to recommend potential candidates and/or help us attract hard-to-get candidates.

Offer & Negotiations 
We have seen perfectly doable transactions fall apart because both sides failed to discover areas of common agreement.  Often organizations will offer an unacceptably low point of the compensation range  instead of a range that includes a higher amount which might have been acceptable to the candidate.  Likewise, the candidate often does just the reverse: he or she is too high for the organization to afford, and yet a lower amount might have been mutually acceptable.  Part of our job is to help both sides identify mutually acceptable ranges before either side offends the other with an unacceptable figure. Once the offer is made and accepted, we do the reference checking and work with the candidate to create a smooth transition.