The best people are hard to find and why companies looking for that competitive edge turn to executive search.  The best people are busy with careers.  They’re the ones we go out and get for you.  Not those reading and answering employment ads.

The learning curve should not be at the clients’ expense.  That’s the distinguishing difference ChaseAmerica offers. Having recruited qualified candidates for public and privately-owned organizations for over 25 years, we know the image and personality of market leaders and niche players in the industry.  We understand how important it is for the candidate “to fit” the corporate culture.

Many people believe executive search takes a long time to complete. ChaseAmerica goal is to shorten the lifespan of the opening.  On average, we fill executive management positions within 60 business days. Our specialized knowledge of the home builders, land  developers, commercial real estate, golf course and hotel communities, lets us deliver results to time-pressured clients, economically and efficiently.

Selection is more than a resume, money and position.  It is the strength of soft skills - leadership style, personality, problem-solving and communication skillsets, plus availability, relocation, family and long-term commitment.  ChaseAmeria deals with and answers each of those issues during the search process.

ChaseAmerica wants to be your partner – a reliable source you can depend on to strategically help grow your business through people.  We are helping our clients today, more than ever before, to re-engineer their companies with people solutions.